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SAMPURN VĀSTU™                

सम्पूर्ण वास्तु

Simple Scientific Precise Practical Powerful


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Vastu analysis and site survey

Vastu Shastra and its consultancy has become very popular nowadays. While this interest has given benefit to many who have received proper advice, the same is not true for others. Many have spent their hard earn money only to receive irrelevant information and no substantial results.

At SAMPURN VASTU™, our endeavour is to provide


  • AMAZING Results

  • Use SCIENTIFIC Approach

  • Address YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS and requirements

  • Focus to SOLVE your Problems

  • Ensure SUCCESS and GOAL Achievement

  • Provide BALANCED Energetic Experience


Our Approach

Whether you own a house, kothi, farmhouse, workshop, call center, factory, academic institution or any other property - residential or commercial, we have solutions and services for you. These services and solutions will bring brilliance in your life & business - wealth and abundance, wonderful relationships, health and fitness, career success and overall success and growth.

How can Sampurn Vastu™ help you?

Sampurn Vastu uses an elaborate approach to identify your issues and problems and provide simple and practical solutions without demolitions and major structural changes.

Our team of Vastu experts will guide and help you through the entire process for seamless transition from

  • Pain to Joy

  • Scarcity to Abundance

  • Illness to Health

  • Distrust to loving Relationships

  • Failure to Success

Vastu Compass
Vastu for home

About Us

Our Sampurn Vastu Team is your partner in Success and Brilliance. Our Team of Vastu Experts include Senior Vastu Consultants -  Shri Amit Kohli and Shri Satpal Gulia are committed for your success.

About Us

Shri Amit Kohli (Author, Personal & business Transformation Expert, Vastu & Energy Consultant, Trainer of International Repute)

Shri Satpal Gulia (Senior Vastu Consultant, Master Trainer, International Entrepreneur)

Issues with Present Day Vastu approaches

Due to large number of people providing Vastu consultancy, there is no universal guidelines to quality and commitment to delivery & results. There is also lack of thoroughness to completely identifying the issues and providing appropriate solutions. Incomplete knowledge has brought about superstitious techniques. Quick fix approaches advocated by many are unable to provide sustainable improvements and results.

Vastu for Business
Vastu for factory

To ensure you are SATISFIED with the RESULTS and our services, we do a detailed 

  • Requirement Identification and Understanding

  • Site Survey

  • Vastu Expert Visit

  • Diagnosis & Energy Assessment

  • Recommendations & Corrections

  • Re-visit & Feedback

  • Energy Assessment 

This enables us to delivery consistent and powerful results, every time you work with us.

Our esteem customers share how their obstacles related to delayed marriage, no child birth, ill health, anxiety, loss of savings, difficulty in child education, lack of confidence, excessive quarrels and arguments, insecurity / loss due to thefts, depression, lack of opportunities, no support, insomnia and sleep disorders, boring life, no cash / money flow were removed.

They also report AMAZING GROWTH in revenues and PROFITS, understanding and LOVING RELATIONSHIPS, improved HEALTH and fitness, PEACE and CLARITY of mind and direction, EXPLOSIVE CAREER GROWTH and HIGH ENERGY levels.

Vastu for money, success, abundance, prosperity
Vastu for better relationships

Our Team has been helping people improve their it's time for us to help YOU...don't wait, do it NOW !!! You'll be glad you did. 


Way Forward

Contact us to schedule a call with our Senior Vastu Consultant.

Contact Us

Contact Us

For more information on how we can help you solve your problems and achieve your goals, please




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Testimonials - Sampurn Vastu International


RK Bhatt, Principal Bright Avenue School - India

"Sampurn Vastu is amazing. Most comprehensive and result oriented approach. Highly recommended."

Dr Aanieetaa Vaissnava, Former Director Academics DPS International, Uganda, East Africa & Founder Principal Delhi Public School, Srinagar

"Sampurn Vastu's approach is very systematic and scientific. Team is very hardworking and supportive. Senior Consultants Mr Amit Kohli and Mr Satpal Gulia are experts in this field and are focused to deliver results."

Ritu Khati, Ex Principal, Sam International School, New Delhi

"On-time delivery, high quality work, well trained, supportive and knowledgeable team. Very good overall experience."

Archana Narayan, Principal, Indian Heights School

"Samourn Vastu team did a fabulous job. The project was customized to our requirements and delivery beyond our imagination. Very professional and systematic."

Col. Himanshu Rai, Business owner - New Zealand

"My search for best vastu consultancy led me to Sampurn Vastu. As the name suggest, this team stands for complete vastu solutions for both residential and commercial properties. Support is world class. The team ensures smooth implementation of remedies and are extremely supportive."

Mohit Gahlot, Business Owner - New Zealand

"If you want to get Vastu done for your business or home, I only recommend Sampurn Vastu. The comprehensive approach of the team and thorough knowledge of Satpal Ji and Amit Ji is incomparable. Has given me results every time!!"

Chef Mahendra Chhikara, Restaurateur - New York, USA

"Exquisite blend of International standards for quality, results and delivery along with high India values. Truly SAMPURN. "

Vimal Nijhawan -Canada

"Vastu is too important to be left to unskilled and cheap consultants. Go for the best - Sampurn Vastu. You will be delighted with the results!! The power and simplicity of Sampurn Vastu always amazes me."

Ram Kumar, Vice-President-IndiaBulls

"Wonderful Experience!! Deliver results every-time. Great to work with. Look forward to working on future projects."

Priank Chhabra, Master Trainer - Pearson

"I was skeptical at first about vastu. I considered it superstition and thought it was another way to exploit people. It was only when I met and saw the work and benefits of applying Sampurn Vastu, that I realized its utility and power. Thank you Sampurn Vastu Team."

Col. M S Dahiya, Shaurya Chakra

"Sampurn Vastu team's effort in alleviating the pain and suffering of people is remarkable. I wish them Sampurn Success."

Abhishek - India

"I consulted Mr Amit Ji & Mr. Satpal Ji for my house vastu. I was facing a lot of issues and problems. After applying their remedies, me and my family experienced a lot of positive change in our lives."

Narendra Kumar - India

"I availed Satpal's &  Amit's Vastu guidance for both personal and professional reasons. They have in-depth knowledge of Vastu which give immediate results. Thanks for your help."

Satish - India

 "One of the best. If reliability, trust and results is what you want, then I only recommend - Sampurn Vastu."

Parul - India

"My life has changed! Thanks to Mr Amit & Mr Satpal. In my profession, I have worked with many team. However, I have no doubts that Sampurn Vastu team is the best. Wonderful vastu consultants - I not only received professional but also personal guidance which helped rectify my weak points. I will be always thankful."

Vikram - India

"I have benefited from Mr Satpal Gulia's & Mr Amit Kohli's expertise in Vastu based corrections and achieved a complete turn around in my professional career, as well as personal issues. Highly professional Vastu consultants with over 20 years of successful consulting. Bases their recommendations on established scientific methods without any eyewash. Strongly recommended."

 Atul Bhave - India

"The corrections carried out by Shri Satpal ji & Shri Amit ji has not only helped us come out of distasteful situations but also given us a fresh lease of life. Their professional acumen has made things look simpler. The remedies are decisive and have a long lasting effect. Sampurn Vastu team timely intervention has been of immense help to us."

Vikrant - India

"Sampurn Vastu is a vast reservoir of practical vastu knowledge. We received solutions to all our queries and issues. It's been great consulting experience ."

Pravin Gupta, Business owner - India

"My financial situation was in mess. I had no money to pay to my suppliers. My debts were increasing day by day. I was quite surprised to see that my financial situation made a complete turn around after Sampurn Vastu Consultancy. Now I am a very happy and successful business owner."

Praveen Gupta, Senior Management in US Multinational 

"I had hit a bottle neck in my career. Sampurn Vastu open the doors for new and amazing opportunities. Thank you Sampurn Vastu Team."

© 2016 Amit Kohli
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